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Sony AIRSA10

>> Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sony AIRSA10 is a new digital wireless audio solution for sending audio to a second room in the home. Sony AIRSA10 Technology can also be utilized to send wireless audio for your surround rear channel speakers using the WAHT-SA1 accessory. With up to 8 channels of L-PCM CD quality audio transmission available. Just plug in and listen.

Plus Sony AIRSA10 offers no interference with home appliances. You’ll see many of our BRAVIA Home Theater Systems bundled with a Sony AIRSA10 Speaker System this year. Sony AIRSA10 Speaker System features a 1 line LCD Display, a clock function, and is equipped with controls for volume and the audio source you are listening to.

Technical Details
  • Sony AIRSA10 wireless multi room receiver or speaker system
  • Expandable up to 4 Sony AIRSA10 receiver or speakers systems
  • 8 Watts (RMS) (4W x 2)
  • Clock, Timer, Sleep function
  • Price : US$87.51


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