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Samsung HT-BD1250

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Samsung HT-BD1250 is a 5.1 system the included speaker package consists of four identical smallish speakers for the front surround, a slim center channel and a subwoofer. Samsung HT-BD1250's front or surround speakers feature both a tweeter and a woofer, which is a nice plus on an HTIB system. The four bookshelf speakers sit 8.3 inches high, and have a stand built into the base. The front of the speaker has a glossy black finish, while the rest of the cabinet is matte black.

Looking through the speaker grille, you'll see a rare sight on an HTIB speaker both a tweeter and a woofer. The speakers aren't as small as the ones included with Panasonic's Blu-ray HTIBs, but we didn't find them overwhelming. The center channel is tiny, coming in at just 11.8 inches wide by 1.9 inches high by just 2.7 inches deep, and should easily fit under any TV. It has two unusual, rounded rectangle shaped drivers, but Samsung doesn't provide anymore information about the speaker.

The subwoofer is average size for an HTIB, but sounds bigger than it looks more on that in the performance section. The main receiver and Blu-ray player combo unit features a design that looks slick on the showroom floor, but is kind of a pain once you get it home. The front panel has a trapezoidal shape that tapers toward the bottom. It's covered with a glossy black finish, while the top of the unit is awash with Samsung's dark red "Touch of Color" it's a distinctive look, although it's a magnet for fingerprints.

Samsung HT-BD1250's speaker setup is completely manual, so it's up to you to adjust the volume levels of all the speakers and subwoofer, and calculate listener to speaker distances. We strongly recommend performing the setup because straight out of the box Samsung HT-BD1250's center channel volume was much too loud and the surround speakers were too low in volume. You'll find the manual setup located in the Sound Edit part of the on screen menu. Navigation logistics aren't the best or the worst we've seen, just follow the User Manual's instructions and you'll be fine.


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