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Gateway NV5807u

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gateway NV5807u is not an eye sore, as the glossy plastics and the subtle patterns within the bluish cover are current with what's out there. Both the HP Pavilion dv6t (1030us) and Toshiba Satellite L505D-S6947 employ similar design techniques in which colorful plastics are infused with artwork a process known as in mold decoration. In my opinion, though, this design is a step backward for the company. The automotive inspired looks of current Gateway laptops like the MD7801u and TC7804u are swankier and more distinguishable among the wide range of seemingly similar products.

A small metallic piece on Gateway NV5807u's cover is about the only thing the helps the company differentiate itself from other products, which isn't much. Laptop designs, these days, are trending towards thinness and aluminum metals. Take the Acer Aspire 3935, for example. At 5.8 pounds, Gateway NV5807u is almost a pound lighter than the MD7801u (6.7 lbs). One of the keys for Gateway was to make it as light as the Dell Inspiron 1545 (5.8 lbs) and HP dv6t (6 lbs), which it accomplishes.

The 15.6 inch LED widescreen is part of the 16 by 9 movement, in which laptop screens are being designed to be like their home theater counterparts. At $600, though, a 1.366 by 768 resolution is as high as it will go. At least the 1545 and the dv6t lets you play around with the resolution, albeit at a higher price. A full size keyboard is what you would expect to find on a 15 inch laptop, but give Gateway credit for squeezing in a numeric keypad as well. The dv6 and the L505D have one as well, but not the 1545.

Although the touchpad is big and roomy, a long, thin hard plastic piece makes up the mouse buttons unusual, at first, but it didn't take me too long to adjust to the rocking motion that triggers the left or right mouse button. The features to price ratio falls in Gateway NV5807u's favor. Though it isn't a huge deal, its four USB ports are more than the three found in the Toshiba L505D, HP dv6t, and Dell 1545.

Only Gateway NV5807u and the dv6t have HDMI Out ports. The NV5807u doesn't have a storage expansion port like E-SATA, as found in the dv6t and the L505D. Not that you'll need it, though: Its 320GB hard drive has more than enough storage space for the average user. Every other feature the dual layer DVD burner, Ethernet port, a 1.3 Megapixel Webcam, and multi card reader are standard budget system features.


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