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>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's basically a larger version of the EeePC 1005HA and a lot thinner than the EeePC 1000HE, measuring just 11.3 by 7.7 by 1 inches (HWD). ASUS also did a tremendous job hiding the bulk of the 6 cell battery it's practically flush with the base. The Acer Aspire One (A0751h) and Toshiba mini NB205, on the other hand, have their battery protruding awkwardly from the back. At 3 pounds flat, the 1101HA is as light as the Acer A0751h (3.0 lbs) and a half a pound lighter than the Lenovo S12 (3.5 lbs).

The 11.6 inch widescreen is what separates the 1101HA from the rest of the field. It's the same screen found in the A0751h and the Gateway LT3100 (review coming shortly), making this trio the only ones to ship with this rarity in the United States. The vast majority of netbooks and even popular ones like the ASUS 1000HE and the Toshiba NB205 use 10 inch widescreens and the drab 1.024 by 600 resolution ASUS EeePC 1101HA's 1.366 by 768 one is more desirable from a multimedia perspective. An 11.6 inch widescreen is not the biggest on a netbook, though.

Both the Samsung NC20 (21GBK) and the S12 have 12 inch widescreens and 1.280 by 800 resolutions. And it's only a matter of time before you see netbooks with 13 inch screens. Like the Acer A0751h and the Gateway LT3100, ASUS EeePC 1101HA uses a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, and this is not a coincidence. Intel is basically telling vendors that if they were to stray from the tech restrictions being imposed on the netbook market, there will be repercussions. In this case, the Z520 isn't as fast as the N280 (1.67GHz) processors found in the ASUS 1000HE, Toshiba NB205, and HP 5101.

ASUS, however, did find a solution to counter this setback. Like its previous netbooks, it includes software that allows you to over clock the processor. Using its SuperHybridEngine and if you activate the Super Performance mode, the 1101HA is essentially over clocked to 1.83GHz. It also has a battery mode that lets you conserve energy (it essentially sets the processor back to its normal clock speed. Of course, a processor can only get you so far ASUS EeePC 1101HA, unfortunately, is restricted to 1GB of memory and Intel integrated graphics.

In the Super Performance mode, the 1101HA surpassed the Acer A0751h by a mere 5 seconds in video encoding tests. Against the ASUS 1000HE and Toshiba NB205, ASUS EeePC 1101HA couldn't keep up with their faster cores, trailing them by a wide margin. A lower clocked Atom processor has its advantages, though. The 1101HA's 63Wh battery delivered a MobileMark 2007 score of 6 hours 50 minutes, placing it right up there with the Samsung N120, HP 5101, and the ASUS 1000HE.


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