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Nokia Surge

>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nokia Surge smartphone is an ideal device for active consumers who like to stay connected whether using instant messenger, text or e-mail, sending multimedia messages, AT&T Video Share, or updating and connecting via their favorite social networks. With a full slide out QWERTY keyboard in a slim, stylish design and Symbian S60 multi tasking capabilities, Nokia Surge is the ideal smartphone for today's customer who is always in touch with their social circle.

A recent survey commissioned by Nokia revealed that people are so hooked on staying in touch that they would rather give up coffee and sweets than live without their mobile for two weeks. In addition to an impressive suite of messaging capabilities, the Nokia Surge offers a powerful browsing experience, including Flash support to view most sites in full HTML or watch YouTube videos. The Nokia Surge smart phone allows users to post messages, images, videos, and comments to web sites like Facebook on the go with the pre-installed JuiceCaster application.


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