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Nokia 3720 Classic

>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Nokia 3720 classic, an IP-54 certified mobile phone designed to resist water, dust and shock. Following the footsteps of Nokia's highly popular 'rugged' cell phones of the past, Nokia 3720 classic handset is encased in durable materials and is entirely sealed to protect the inner electronics. The Nokia 3720 cell phone is expected to retail for approximately 125 Euro before subsidies or taxes and is expected to begin shipping this summer.

Nokia 3720 classic cell phone features a sealed, leak proof design and durable materials in a range of great colors. Nokia 3720 battery cover, which protects both the battery and the internal circuitry of the cell phone, is locked with a screw, making for worry free usage in wet, dusty or muddy environments. The rugged Nokia cell phone is easy to use in all weather conditions.

As to be expected, Nokia 3720 classic rugged cell phone also offers exceptional battery performance as well as an LED flashlight, to complement its rugged cell phone design. Additional add ons include Nokia Maps, which comes pre-loaded on the 1GB microSD flash memory card, and the large and bright 2.2" cell phone display is perfect for following the route even in unfamiliar terrain. Nokia 3720 rugged mobile phone will be available for sale in August for around 125 Euro.


best buy cell phones September 21, 2010 at 6:23 AM  

My friend still uses this phone although it's considered to be one of the classics already. This is a pretty good phone to use.

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