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Samsung Pixon

>> Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just like many other brands, Samsung too gives its new mobile phones a genuine name. Recently, we have seen this happening with the Samsung INNOV8, the Samsung Omnia, and now once again with the Samsung Pixon. In addition to a more positive feeling, this name giving also offers information about the cell phone, unlike a type number.

For example OMNIA means 'all' in Latin, and applies to the huge applicability of this handset, whilst INNOV8 refers to innovation, 8 Megapixel digital camera and 8GB internal memory, and last but not least; Pixon naturally refers to the integrated digital camera. The mobile phones do not only keep their names but also their type numbers, which means that the mobile phone we have reviewed is called the Samsung Pixon M8800.

Samsung Omnia came in a package bigger than a shoebox, and compared to this, the package of the Samsung Pixon has been kept strikingly compact. On the package, the features of the camera are displayed as well as a same amount of other functions of the mobile phone. Samsung mainly refers to the digital camera when it comes to name, package and promotion of the Pixon.

The included standard accessories are a battery charger, headset, data cable, stylus pen to attach to the phone, a short user manual and a small software CD. Samsung Pixon cell phone sports a 3.2 inch touchscreen monitor. Operation mainly happens via this touchscreen monitor. Furthermore, three buttons are found below the screen. The touchscreen is fairly hard and quite sensitive. However, a brief touch is not enough you have to press somewhat more clearly. Still, the operation is easy and pleasant.

A stylus pen, which can be attached to the phone, is also included, although the pen is not really necessary. The large icons and the clear structure make operation with your finger easy. A standard keypad with T9 functionality is available to insert SMS text messages, however if you tilt the phone; a full digital keyboard becomes available. This is extremely handy, as it means you always have the choice between the two, and quickly switching between them is also possible.


Veeeny June 8, 2009 at 5:01 PM  

a very luxury phone..thank u for the info here..

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