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Nokia E75

>> Friday, June 5, 2009

Nokia E75 smartphone is expected to prolong the success of its predecessor, at which the Nokia messaging feature is very likely to help. One difference between this service and a comparable one such as that of BlackBerry, is that the latter settles for any company network, whereas the Nokia user is dependent on Nokia's network. "Designed for the way we manage our business" this is Nokia's message on the box of Nokia E75.

The visual messages on the box imply Nokia E75 is meant for all round communication. You can gain access to all your email accounts in three steps select 'set email' and start the program. Select manage email account and enter your password, whereupon you, as a Nokia E75 owner, are ready to communicate with the outside world. Nokia E75 has a high quality appearance. The handset features attractive curves and fairly compact dimensions.

Nokia E75 feels solid partly thanks to the materials used. When we slide the device sideways to open it, a QWERTY keyboard appears. In horizontal position, Nokia E75 lies safely and stable in your hand, providing easy operation. The equipment included with Nokia E75 comprises of a set of earplugs (HS-43), USB cable, battery charger, BL-4U Lithium-Ion battery, microSD memory card and an instruction manual. A voice recognition navigation system with maps for a period of 3 months comes with the E75 as a nice extra, although this may vary by region.

For the Nokia E75 review, we received a silver and black version, however the handset is available in several other colors (also depending on the region). Nokia E75 cell phone has a stylish design. Whereas before, the Nokia phone design used to be somewhat conservative, or in other words ordinary and certainly not trendy, Nokia E75 is an eye catcher.

It has a striking appearance and will look good on any desk. The weight of the device is considerable yet not too heavy. It provides essential stability. Compared to its predecessor, the E71, the Nokia E75 is somewhat larger in size. On the other hand, the E71 is wider than the Nokia E75. Altogether, it doesn’t make much of a difference as far as the total dimension is concerned, although personally I do prefer Nokia E75.

The back features a truly attractive finish, and seems to radiate pure luxury. The engraved pattern gives the phone a classic yet modern appearance. The form factor a slider phone with a keyboard that slides open sideways, is new for Nokia. Nokia E75's form factor may in fact signal a new generation of Nokia slider phones.


Tips PDA June 10, 2009 at 11:02 AM  

this is great cellphone from nokia..
i like it...

lina June 15, 2009 at 10:18 AM  

My first comment here, thanks for your visit.
I found it’s not comfortable enough to use the keypads of Nokia E 75 due to the thin keypads and the small size of the gadget.

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