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LG Arena KM900

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

LG delivers Arena KM900 in a compact box. This package depicts around five LG Arena phones displaying different screen shots of the new interface. The box itself closes with a magnet and is quite straightforward and neat. Upon opening the box, LG KM900 Arena is visible right away. The LG mobile phone looks beautiful. The size is perfect, just like its weight. The front is silver (shiny) and in addition to the touchscreen monitor, it also features three touch buttons.

Furthermore, there are only four buttons on the LG smartphone the on and off button, the camera shortcut and the volume buttons. Along with the LG Arena cell phone, a data cable, a headset, a battery charger, a software CD and several instruction manuals are packed in the box. The year 2008 was very successful for LG Mobile. Not only thanks to the worldwide sales of 100 million mobile phones, but also because of having conquered a significantly larger market share.

As a result of the high sales numbers, LG has now surpassed Motorola and is well on its way to reach a solid Top 3 ranking. And with the many product introductions announced by LG Electronics, this aim may well become reality. The announced cooperation with Windows Mobile shows that LG has definitely gone into a different direction, together with the new LG user interface, it will suit everybody’s needs.

The coming three years, some 50 introductions of LG phones with Windows Mobile are scheduled. And the fact that Windows Mobile will launch a new version in the market later this year ensures the expectations are sky high. The menu of the LG Arena has changed drastically, thanks to the new S-Class User Interface. The changes are positive by all means. Not only is it beautifully designed from a graphical viewpoint, but it is also easy to work with and proves remarkably smooth.

There are four start windows Shortcuts, Widgets, Contacts and Multi media. These start screens can be changed by moving them, which will make the screen rotate like a cube. Or you can use the middle touch key to do so. A rotating 3D cube will be displayed, at which you can choose the desired screen. Furthermore, there are four shortcuts below the start screen at all times, a keypad to select a phone number, messages, phone list and the menu button.


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