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Sony Handycam HDR-SR5

>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mostly, however, the SR5 simply confirms my belief that decent HD video will still run you more than $1,000. (But spending another $300 or so to upgrade from the 40GB SR5 to the 100GB SR5C, doesn't count.) If you discount the small touch screen LCD and lack of an eye level viewfinder, the SR5 has a perfectly serviceable design. With its shiny silver and matte black duo tone body, it lacks the sophistication of the 7 series models, but that's pretty typical for the camcorder B-list.

At about 1 pound, 3 ounces, it weighs down a jacket pocket but is pretty comfortable to hold during extended shooting. As you'd expect for the money, it feels solidly built, with nice touches such as a sliding jack cover, an electronic lens cover, and a sturdy tethered hot shoe protector.

The rest of the controls on the body sit in the places you'd expect to find them zoom switch, photo shutter, and power or mode switch fall under your index finger, while the stop and start record button lies under your thumb.

A tiny button for turning on the flash (for still photography) sits between the power and record controls. On the left side of the gripping ridge formed by the hard disk enclosure is the NightShot switch.

Underneath the LCD you'll find the buttons for for completely automatic operation (Easy), cycling through the display options, and launching thumbnail views, plus the slot for the Memory Stick Pro Duo that's required for shooting still photos. Also typical at least for Sony you operate almost all of the camcorder's functions via the touch screen menu system.

As I've said before, and will repeat ad nauseam, the 2.7 inch LCD is too small for comfortable touch screen operation. You have to press the tiny navigation icons with the very tips of your fingers, something that gets even more difficult in colder climes. Thankfully, there are larger, easier to press icons for adjusting exposure compensation, white balance, focus, and choosing scene modes.


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