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Samsung PN42A400

>> Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Samsung PN42A400 is a 42 inch, plasma television. Compared to other plasma TVs on the market, it is very inexpensive at around $700. In general, a liquid plasma display can recreate more realistic black levels than an LCD display can. Has a conventional 4:3, zoom 16:9, wide zoom, zoom, and just wide screen modes.

Also, this TV has a 3D digital comb filter.This is more favorable than the average TV on the market today, but is to be expected for a TV of this price. (A 3D filter is one of the best types available, and is "motion adaptive," meaning it utilizes a special method for clearing up the moving parts of the picture, as opposed to the static parts.)

This television can display images that are sharper and more realistic than standard definition television when connected to a high definition signal.

The 3:2 pulldown feature of this TV reduces artifacts that can occur when motion pictures are transferred to a digital format such as DVD. Has only a rear connector location.

Suited for those who are looking for a stylish, compact TV.

In view of its very inexpensive price, this TV has great features for the money.


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