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Samsung HP-T4264

>> Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Although review the 42 inch Samsung HP-T4264, we did review the 50 inch Samsung HP-T5064. Judging from their spec sheets, the two Samsung flat panel plasma HDTVs are essentially identical but for screen size and native resolution, so we expect the picture quality of the 50 inch model to provide a good indication of how the 42 incher will perform.

For more information, refer to the full review of the Samsung HP-T5064. Samsung also makes a somewhat less expensive 42 inch plasma, model HP-T4254. According to the spec sheet, that model has a less effective antiglare screen and is missing a USB input for displaying digital photos. Despite those differences, we expect the HP-T4254 to perform similarly to the HP-T4264.

  • Product type : Plasma TV
  • Diagonal size : 42 in
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio : 15000 : 1
  • Price range : $699.95 - $947.00


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