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LG Incite CT810

>> Thursday, January 22, 2009

Measuring 4.21 inches long by 2.2 inches wide by 0.55 inch thick, the LG Incite is one of the shiniest handsets we've ever seen; its display is reflective when idle, similar to the one on the LG Shine, and the Incite's entire chassis has a mirror finish. You will definitely have a tough time trying to get fingerprint smudges off the phone, and there's no need for a self portrait mirror next to the camera, as the handset's surface itself can act as a mirror.

Like most touch screen handsets, the Incite has a minimalist appeal it is sleek and slim, with few external controls. It's also quite lightweight at 4.23 ounces, so it won't weigh you down, either. The LG Incite has a really reflective surface. Following the lead of other touch screen smart phones like the Samsung Omnia and the HTC Touch, the LG Incite's design is dominated by the large touch screen on the front.

The 3 inch diagonal screen is a 240x400 pixel resolution QVGA display with support for 262.000 colors, which makes for vibrant colors and sharp images.

It doesn't have the screen real estate of other handsets like the Samsung Instinct or the Apple iPhone 3G, but that's only really an issue when it comes to the Web browser (which we'll get to later).

You can adjust the screen's backlight time plus the font size. Because the display is so reflective, we have to say it can be a little tough to read the screen under direct sunlight.

The touch screen on the Incite has haptic tactile feedback, which lets you know, using vibrations, that your touch has registered. You can adjust the sensitivity of the touch response as well as the length and strength of the vibrations. Since the touch screen is resistive, you can use either your finger or the provided stylus to navigate through the screen. We found the touch screen to be mostly responsive, but we did notice some problems with lag sometimes it takes about half a second for a touch to register, which is a little longer than we would like.

We also found that we needed to be very precise in selecting something with the finger, lest we tap the wrong thing. The Incite does come with the aforementioned stylus for more accurate tapping, but we're not fans of having the stylus dangling off the corner of the phone. (You attach the stylus like you would a cell phone charm via a small lanyard.) The LG Incite also has a built in accelerometer, and the screen will change from portrait to landscape mode when you rotate the phone 90 degrees to either the left or the right.

Here again we noticed some lag issues. It occasionally takes about a second for the screen to fully rotate, which can be quite annoying. The Incite also has a proximity sensor, which shuts off the screen when you bring it to the side of your face, so as to prevent accidental taps. We also like that the Incite automatically adjusts the screen's luminance depending on the surrounding light.


vannando January 23, 2009 at 6:34 PM  

gadget oke, jd ngiler..

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