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Lexmark Z1420

>> Monday, January 5, 2009

The Z1420 is a basic, single function printer, so there isn't much to speak of when it comes to features. It does, however, include built in 802.11g/b wireless capability, unheard of in an $80 printer. During the printer installation routine, you can opt to set up the printer on your wireless network it's easy to do. A Wi-Fi icon on the front of the printer alerts you to its status.

The bundled Lexmark Imaging Studio software is useful for basic tasks, but it falls short with creative projects.

Your main options are to view print photos from your PC (individually or in packages a la grade school photos), view the photos as a slide show, make poster prints, or make photo greeting cards. The first three options work as you'd expect.

When making prints, you simply select a photo, indicate the size you want printed, and how many prints.

For layouts, the process is much the same. Creating a slide show is as simple as dragging and dropping photos into the work field and clicking "view slide show." You can even save slide shows for later viewing. When it comes to creating greeting cards, however, the options are oddly limited. You can select from a number of layouts and themes each card has a background image that dominates the print field.

Then, you get a blank photo field into which you can add one of your photos and a text field. Sadly, you can't set one of your photos as the main background, nor can you change the size and shape of the text and photo boxes.


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