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Lexmark X7550

>> Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Lexmark x7550 uses a four inkjet system comprised of an individual port for black and another single port for the color cartridge (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow). Along with the standard output cartridges that they include with the printer, Lexmark also sells high yield ink that, when paired with Lexmark's photo specific glossy paper, will reportedly last up to 100 years with no visible loss in quality.

We'll be sure to report back in 2108. All of the classic features found in all in ones are included in the x7550, including duplex copying, color photo printing, and fax capability.

This model is one of three recently released standalone devices to include a built in 802.11g wireless print station.

After establishing a wired connection to our Mac desktop using Lexmark's software, we were able to unplug the x7550 for seamless, cord free transmission.

We also successfully paired the x7550 to an Apple Time Capsule with similar ease. Several computers can connect, queue and print jobs from the printer at the same time. Best of all, your documents are protected by the computer's network security, helping to prevent intruders from accessing sensitive information.


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