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HP Scanjet G3110 Photo Scanner

>> Friday, January 9, 2009

The G3110 comes with both Twain and WIA drivers, so you can scan from nearly any Windows program with a scan command. The Twain driver lets you easily control settings like resolution and color saturation, and it includes options for restoring color to faded photos, removing dust and scratches, and applying adaptive lighting.

The last choice automatically fixes issues like back lighting, to bring out details in objects that might otherwise come out as solid black.

The color restore, dust removal, and adaptive lighting features made a significant difference on my tests, noticeably improving scan quality for flawed originals.

The scratch removal feature didn't do much for my test photos, but that's par for the course with software based scratch removal.

The only scratch removal features I've ever seen work well are hardware based. Aside from the drivers, the software in the package has a distinctly home oriented look and feel.

For example, HP Photosmart Essential 3.5, which combines a photo album with a photo editor, doesn't bother with a menu across the top of the window or with anything as standard as a File Print command. Instead, if you want to print a photo, you click on an image of a printer. The other scan related programs are HP Document Manager and the G3110 version of HP's Solution Center, which serves as a control program for starting a scan and for customizing settings.

In addition, for Windows based computers only, the Easy Install option installs HP Smart Web Printing and the Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer 6 (or later). Both add ins are also available as free downloads for anyone.


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