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Apple iPod Shuffle (third generation, 1GB)

>> Thursday, January 8, 2009

The third generation iPod Shuffle (1GB) is the lowest profile MP3 player we've laid eyes on. Apple may have been slow out of the gate, but the company has succeeded in launching perhaps the tiniest and simplest player on the market and it sports a price tag to match $79. The new Shuffle is appealing in its elementariness, too, but the itty bitty device is far from perfect.

Its screen less design means you get few navigational options and no extra features. And how small is too small? At 1.6x1x0.4 inches and 0.6 ounce, the iPod Shuffle is one minuscule music player. In fact, it's so inconspicuous that we have trouble keeping track of it if you're constantly misplacing your keys, this player probably isn't your best option.

If you just can't help yourself, go for one of the brighter color options. The red, green, purple, and blue models will probably be easier to spot on a cluttered desk than the muted silver one is. That said, the integrated belt clip on the back of the Shuffle helps keep the player within easy reaching distance. Some users have complained that the clip isn't very durable, but it seemed fairly sturdy during our testing.


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