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Apple iPod Classic (second generation, 120GB)

>> Thursday, January 8, 2009

The second generation iPod Classic is indistinguishable from 2007's original model, except that the thicker 160GB version is no longer available. An anodized aluminum faceplate covers the front of the Classic in either black or silver, while the back of the iPod is covered in the same scratch showing, smudge loving chromed steel found on most iPods.

The second generation iPod Classic fits a whopping 120GB hard drive into the same enclosure as its 80GB predecessor, coming in at pocket size 2.4 inches by 4.1 inches by 0.41 inch.

The screen is still made from plastic, making it the only remaining iPod that hasn't yet switched to a scratch resistant glass screen.

The second generation iPod Classic is also now one of the only iPods to use a split screen main menu layout, displaying menu items on the left half of the screen and a picture related to the selection on the right.

For example, highlighting Music on the main menu causes the right half of the screen to display a drifting close up of cover artwork from your music library. This split screen effect is more beautiful than it is distracting, and applies to menu items such as movies, podcasts, and photos, as well.

You also have the option to browse your music using the Cover Flow view made popular by the iPhone, however, the novelty of Cover Flow wears thin without a touch screen display. Users with large music collections to sort through will prefer browsing using the list mode or search function.


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