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DoCoMo's SH-04A

>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DoCoMo introduced over 22 new models at a press conference today. Yeah 22! To cover them all would be a waste of time, but here's the SH-04A, an HTC Touch Pro lookalike from Sharp minus the Windows Mobile flavor.

It obviously has a proprietary OS (based on Symbian), with a 5.2Mpix camera, HSDPA, 1Seg TV tuner, GPS, Mobile e-Wallet, Bluetooth with A2DP and Virtual 5.1Ch Dolby Mobile, a 3D UI, and a nice full QWERTY keyboard.

The screen has a Wide VGA resolution (480x854) on a 3.5” ASV Sharp screen. Available in three colors at a size of 114 x 54 x 16.3mm and a weight of 140g.


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