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XCM Hyper gear lite

>> Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Hyper Gear gives a new look to your DS at the same time allows you to overclokc the DS to at 1.4x high speed and 1.7x highest speed. This is XCM’s Hyper Gear lite case that not only serves as a new case for you Nintendo DS but also offers overclocking options. Now keep in mind that overclocking a handheld like the DS Lite actually speeds up your games, graphics and audio.

The new XCM Hyper Gear case for the DS Lite not only gives your handheld a new look, it turbocharges your games. See that little switch that says “N”, “1.4X” and “1.7X” in the bottom right corner? Just flip it, and your DS Lite will run at 140% or 170% of its normal speed. Presumably, it’s safe to overclock your DS Lite, but it’ll probably end up draining your battery like mad.


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