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Logitech Keyboard Mac New Edition

>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

The new keyboard expands on Apple's own designs by including not just shortcuts for Dashboard, Expose and media playback but also Cover Flow, Spaces, and common apps like iChat, Mail and Safari.

Mac-friendly addition to its diNovo range. The simply-titled diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition is a lower-cost alternative to the conversion of the diNovo Edge and drops the touchpad controls but keeps the particularly thin profile (0.87in) and notebook-style keys with a slightly deeper, more comfortable travel.

Logitech bills the keyboard as compatible with any Mac, including the MacBook Air, and starts shipping the peripheral later this month for $100. Like the rest of the diNovo range, the Mac Edition keyboard is wireless but uses RF with a USB dongle to pick up the signals. In exchange for the lost port, the keyboard gains better responsiveness, resistance to interference and as much as three years of battery life.


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