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The Clarion MAX973HD sports

>> Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Clarion MAX973HD sports a seven-inch touch panel control. All data is stored on a 30GB hard drive. This device lets you enjoy entertainment via a variety of methods, be it compatibility with DVD±R/DVD±RW/CD-R/CD-RW discs, a TV tuner, a SD card slot or your iPod. There’s also Bluetooth support and a microphone so you can talk handsfree while driving or issue voice commands to the system.

How’s this for one sweet looking navigation and DVD in-car entertainment system? The Clarion MAX973HD certainly is a radical design step from your typical in-car systems, though we at this point have no scheduled release or pricing info. A few other features of the Clarion MAX973HD include FM radio, motorization of the control panel and CCD camera input. Even when this product is priced and released we aren’t sure if it will hit American shores - a check of the maps coverage indicates all European locations.


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