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Samsung Blast

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Perfect for people who want to stay on top of their email as well as stay connected wherever they roam, the crimson and black Samsung Blast slider style phone is an affordable alternative to smart phones. Available exclusively from T-Mobile, it communicates over GSM or GPRS and EDGE networks and offers quad band network capabilities for global connectivity. It's first T-Mobile phone to provide direct access to personal email including AOL email, Yahoo!

Mail and Gmail in addition to text and instant messaging. Composing messages is easy thanks to the hybrid QWERTY keypad that uses SureType technology, also found on RIM's BlackBerry smart phones. (See more about SureType below.)

Other features include stereo Bluetooth connectivity, MicroSD memory card expansion, 1.3 megapixel camera or camcorder, speaker independent voice control, and an integrated digital audio player.

The built in memory provides room for up to 1000 contact entries in the phone's address book. A voice dialing feature makes calling friends and associates as easy as saying their names.

Enjoy easy, hands free communication with a full duplex speaker phone that lets you hear callers loud and clear. It comes with a number of handy tools including a calendar, notepad, alarm clock, to do list, tip calculator, and unit converter. It also sports an airplane mode feature, which allows the user to safely use the non-wireless functions of a phone (such as music, games, or organizer functions) on an airplane during flight.

Other features include an 11 MB internal memory, four pre-loaded games (Forgotten Warrior, Cannonball, Midnight Casino, and Brain Challenge) with more downloadable from T-Mobile's T-Zones, USB connectivity (with mass storage capability), and a built in Web browser.


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