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Motorola RIZR Z3

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The RIZR V3 features an ultra smooth slider, where you can push on a bar located under the screen to open the spring loaded sliding top portion of the phone. Once slid upward, the phone's easy to use standard keypad is revealed which is precision cut from a single sheet of nickel plated copper alloy as well as an abstract tattoo on the reverse side.

A large 176 x 220 color display with 262,000 colors is included at the top of the slider. You won't have to constantly slide the phone open to access controls, thanks to most of the controls for the phones features and on screen accessed via the five ways center button on the handset's upper slider.

The RIZR V3 also includes a full range of function buttons on the side (including keys for voice commands, activating the camera, and menu selection).

The RIZR Z3's internal phone book can hold up to six phone numbers and three addresses per entry, while the phone's picture ID system allows you to assign pictures to your most common callers. It also supports polyphonic ringtones as well as MP3 ringers, allowing you to use portions of your favorite songs to alert you to incoming calls. A number of ringtones come preloaded on the phone.

There's even an included application, MotoMixer, that lets you mix your own ringtones. A built in speakerphone makes it easy to talk without having the phone to your ear, and it includes a vibrating alert for those times when discretion is required. Because the RIZR Z3 is Bluetooth enabled, wireless headsets can be configured with the phone for total handsfree operation. And the RIZR's voice dialing feature makes calling family, friends, and business associates as easy as saying their names.


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