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Compact Freezer

>> Thursday, October 23, 2008

Refrigerate or freeze in this compact freezer or refrigerator with full range thermostatic control by EdgeStar. Plus, this compact freezer or refrigerator (model CRF150SS) features a true stainless steel door for uncommon style in a compact freezer or refrigerator.

This 1.5 cubic foot compact freezer also features a lock for added security, energy saving manual defrost, space saving flush back design, and true 0° freezing Undoubtedly the best feature of this compact freezer or refrigerator is the full range temperature control.

The entire unit can hold most temperatures from 0°F to 40°F. Just turn the thermostat to select the appropriate temperature for your application.

Another great feature is the true stainless steel doors. Coupled with the black trim and black cabinet, this is one of the most modern, best looking compact freezer or refrigerator units available.

Product Features
  • Easily converts from 0° compact freezer to a refrigerator
  • Comes complete with lock and two keys
  • True stainless steel door with black cabinet
  • Reversible door
  • Full range thermostatic temperature control


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