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Archos 604 30GB

>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

With the Archos 604 30 GB portable digital media player and recorder, you have all the entertainment you need at your fingertips in a package that approaches iPod size. The perfect companion for everything from long trips to short bus rides, and from going to parties to just hanging out around the house, the Archos 604 lets you not only take your favorite music, movies, and moments with you, but helps you make new favorite moments wherever you happen to be.

With a screen size surface three times that of similar size PMPs (portable media players), the Archos 604 lets you thoroughly enjoy movies and videos.

This unit employs a bright 4.3 inch TFT LCD display with over 16 million colors to deliver a crystal clear, sharp picture, with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 480 x 272 pixels of resolution, as well as an intuitive GUI (graphic user interface) for easy to use navigation.

The Archos 604 not only plays your videos and movies, but also lets you store up to a whopping 85 movies on its hard drive in either MPEG-4 or WMV formats at up to DVD resolution.

You can also purchase and download optional plug-ins from Archos' website that will allow you to play H.264 and MPEG-2 formats up to DVD resolutions as well. Not only is the Archos 604 a portable video and movie player, but a high resolution photo viewer as well, complete with features such as zoom, music, and transition effects.

You can easily download photos from your PC or transfer them directly to the 604 from your digital camera via the optional docking adapter. This unit is compatible with JPEG, BMP, and PNG file formats, and can hold up to 300,000 photos at a time, depending upon file size and what else you are storing at the same time. The Archos 604 can even read and display PDF documents for on the fly work situations, although it may not implement all PDF features.

For those times when you can't afford the distraction of watching high quality videos, the Archos 604 can be your music player, storing and playing up to 15,000 songs so you can keep working, walking, or doing whatever you need with your own private soundtrack. The unit displays the track, artist, album, and album cover of whatever you are playing, and supports stereo MP3 decoding from 30 to 320 kbps CBR and VBR, as well as WMA, protected WMA, and WAV (PCM/ADPCM) formats.

Furthermore, the Archos 604 can play AAC music files and AC3 stereo sound files with the additional of optional software plugins that can be purchased and downloaded from Archos' web site. And just in case inspiration strikes or you want to make sure you don't forget something important, this handy media player lets you make voice recordings through its built in microphone, or via the optional DVR travel adapter or DVR station through a stereo line in jack in WAV format.


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